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Useful tips for Transferts d'Art

Conservation and storage

Storing Transferts d’Art

To get the best out of Transferts d’Art, they may be stored for up to 6 months prior to use, as long as they are stored in their packaging, in a dry place away from light.
Avoid significant temperature variations.

Installing Transferts d’Art

Acclimatizing the products

To make it easier to install the product, we recommend that you wait 24 hours before putting it in position to give it time to adapt to the ambient temperature in the room. The best possible installation temperature is approximately 20°C (+/- 5°). It is also a good idea to avoid significant temperature variations, which may cause the product to become detached from the surface.

Removing Transferts d’art

Remove Transferts d'art with a hair-dryer!

Nouvelles Images Transferts d’art are easy to install and remove.
They do not damage the surface on which they are placed.
Here’s a useful tip to help you remove Nouvelles Images Transferts d’art easily: warm them gently with a hair-dryer (low-heat position) held about 15 cm away from the motifs. This warms the glue and allows you to remove the product easily.
Once you have removed a “Transfert d’Art”, it cannot be used again.